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Relevance Matters

Reach and connect with Cappex’s core audience and increase engagement and sign ups.

Strategy & Solution
How do you tell high school freshman students there’s an easier, stress-free way to go about applying for college? Tell them through TikTok inspired and interactivity style ad campaigns.

In an era where your audience seeks for relevance, sometimes ads don’t have to be so polished. Following the trends of TikTok and IG Reels, where you can simply create content in app, we managed to create that same look and feel to come through in these ads.


A college admissions advice online platform that helps students navigate the complexities of the admissions process.

Agency: Thrive Digital
Art Director: Daisy Munoz
Designer: Mikka Azores
Creative Strategist: Brian Krenzer

Cappex Mobile Mock Up Wheel Game Ad
Cappex Wheel Game Ad

Concept: Wheel of College Fortune

Through previous campaign insights, we used college campus shots in this fun and interactive campaign to get students to see which college campus they would land on and entice them to swipe up to learn more about Cappex’s admissions assistance platform.

Concept: TikTok Trends

In the past, Cappex have utilized pop culture references for their ads. This time around, we leveraged TikTok trends (Questions Trend & Skip to the Good Part Trend) and tailored it to the high school freshmen, college search experience.

Key Results
In terms of cheapest cost and highest engagement, Wheel of College Fortune was the winning creative. Questions Trend came in second but generated the highest click through and hook rate (thumb-stop rate).

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