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Your Turntable

Creative refresh from 2019 campaign with a focus on consumers benefits.

Strategy & Solution

Coming off the success of the 2019 campaign’s, U-Turn wanted a refresh on their creatives. Based on some of the data the paid media team was able to provide, we leveraged existing assets from customers, to create new ad campaigns to showcase how vinyl listeners can make their turntable truly their own—no matter their style.

Key Results
Overall, the ads that were created in 2019 and 2022 helped scaled the campaign due to the revenue increasing more than the spend.

Cost per Click
Click Through Rate

U-Turn Audio

An independent turntable maker known for making great sound more accessible.

Agency: Thrive Digital
Art Director & Designer: Daisy Munoz
Copywriters: Carlo Pacis-Lim & Daisy Munoz

Concept: Your Turntable

It is not-at-all surprising customers will share their curated space for their U-Turn Audio turntable through social media.

With permission, we leveraged user photos of their turntable in their space and highlighted the type of music they listen to.

We added subtle notes of animation into the ads to highlight and draw focus to the turntable.

Concept: Your Space Meets U-Turn

We continued to leverage user photos into this concept but incorporated a brand presence throughout the ad spot.

We mixed in the brand and value proposition by using fun and simple typographic animation.

Concept: It takes Two

2022 Refresh of the 2019 “Better Together” Campaign.

Coming off the strength in messaging from the Better Together campaign, we wanted to take this insight and update it.

Using vibrant colors, and fun typography animation for a more eye-catching moment, and followed up with a user generated photo.

U-Turn Audio - Better Together - White

The Turntable Your Vinyl Deserves

With limited resources, U-Turn Audio looked to Thrive’s creative services to create new creative ad campaigns that spoke to their value propositions.

Strategy & Solution
U-Turn Audio wanted to focus on promoting their features. We created several paid media ad campaigns with a couple that successfully continue to run to this day (May 2022).

Concept: Better Together

The key insight in this concept is, one cannot function without the other. Keeping the design simple, we highlight both the vinyl record and turntable at opposite ends of each frame, with the accompanying ad text in the middle. The idea was to showcase that individually they’re great but they’re even better together.

Concept: Custom Built

To highlight the customizability features, we focused solely on just that. Having the product placed on a blank background and showcasing all the ways a customer can customize the turntable.

Concept: Product Key Features

To highlight the features of the product, we leveraged the Facebook Carousel ad format. Each carousel card focuses on two key features and ends with U-Turn Audio’s value proposition.

U-Turn Audio - Product Feature Carousel Ad

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