Website Redesign

Art Direction, Corporate Rebranding, Web Design, Front-End Development


Lead Graphic Designer

Wishpond is an online marketing platform built to grow businesses. As the need for non-marketers wanting to use Wishpond’s fully-managed services grew, Wishpond realized the platform catered to two different audiences. Therefore, the website needed an overhaul to reflect this new information; since the previous design and messaging only catered to the self-serve side of the product. An A/B Test was implemented to see if this new look would make an impact.

The overall design explores a more simplistic, friendly and modern approach. A simple update to the colour palette allowed for a more fresh and inviting look.

The imagery was carefully selected and designed to complement the fresh new colours.

Website Redesign - Hero Image
Website Redesign - Color Palette
Website Redesign - Typography
Website Redesign - Iconography
Website Redesign - Imagery: Landing Page Editor
Website Redesign - Imagery: Popup and A/B Test Graph
Website Redesign - Imagery: Email Editor
Website Redesign - Imagery: Email Marketing
Website Redesign - Imagery: Popup Publishing Editor