Personal Brand Identity

Branding & Identity, Concept Development, Business Cards & Stationery

Self—Passion Project

Graphic Designer

Inspired by new experiences and growth as a designer, I tasked myself with rebranding my visual identity.

Through the concept of “Back to Basics”, the logomark & wordmark is based on the fundamentals of basic shapes & the golden ratio.

Tall, rectangular shapes showcase the “D” & “M” of my initials in its most sincere & honest form. The logomark is complemented by a bold weighted, geometric typeface to showcase the simplicity of each letterform with the purpose of expressing objectiveness & strength.

Read the full case study.

Design by Daisy - Logo
Design by Daisy - Logo Evolution
Design by Daisy - Concept Development
Design by Daisy - Construction
Design by Daisy - Colour Palette
Design by Daisy - Pattern Concept
Design by Daisy - Pattern
Design by Daisy - Stationery Mock up
Design by Daisy - Business Cards
Design by Daisy - Stationery Mock up 2