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Solving Pain Points

Notion came to Thrive with an established brand voice and positioning but not with many assets ready for social paid marketing.

Their main objective was to increase engagement with better click-throughs while maintaining Notion’s brand integrity on social paid channels.

Strategy & Solution
Our testing approach focused on messaging around solving consumer pain points and identifying the pain point and value proposition that was most engaging amongst their audience.


An easy to use collaboration tool to help users dream, plan work and build with others the way you want.

Agency: Thrive Digital
Art Director: Daisy Munoz
Designer & Animator: Mikka Azores
Copywriter: Monica Sommerville
Creative Strategist: Brian Krenzer

Concept: Searching Eyes

We crop and zoom in on the illustrated eyes of our character to put emphasis on the pain point of searching for docs, feedback, and updates across multiple platforms.

Concept: Digital Frustrations

“As per my last email… “,  “Just cc’ing you again…”, “Where’s that doc again?…” We came up with several commonly used dialogue within the office setting in this short 6 second spot to highlight common digital frustrations.

Concept: Wipe Away

Highlighting competitors and easily wiping them away to get back to whats more important.

Notion Concept Sketches

Key Results

Higher CTR than BAU Ads
Increase in Engagement Rate
Reduction in Cost

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Insurely – Make Insurance Sexy