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2023 – 2024 CAMPAIGNS

Brewing Brilliance

To increase brand awareness and drive sales growth, our challenge was to create various conceptual campaigns for AeroPress’s product line. We ensured that the product remained the main focus while tying it back to relatable stories that would resonate with consumers.

Strategy & Solution
Given that the AeroPress brand and device might be unfamiliar to those outside the coffee aficionado circle, our strategy focused on leveraging the brand’s adventurous spirit. While ensuring the product remained recognizable, I empowered my designers and copywriters to explore a diverse range of campaign briefs and inject creativity into their work. The goal was to engage audiences with campaigns that are both bold and memorable.


Aunique, patented, manual coffee maker that brews a rich, smooth cup of espresso-style and American coffee in under one minute.

Agency: Thrive Digital
Art Director & Strategist: Daisy Munoz
Designers: Miriam Rodriguez and Brent Hartford

Concept: The Better Gift

In a sea of forgettable gifts, AeroPress stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking meaningful and practical presents. This concept leverages the contrast between AeroPress and commonplace gifts to highlight its unparalleled value. By showcasing AeroPress side by side with items like candles, flowers, chocolates, etc.. we visually emphasize the disparity in utility and longevity.

Concept: We Made it Bigger

This campaign concept introduces AeroPress’s latest innovation, the AeroPress XL, in a dynamic and engaging manner across multiple video campaign variants. Each variant capitalizes on different storytelling angles to capture the audience’s attention and highlight the unique selling points of the XL.

Variant 1 adopts a playful approach, starting with a common phrase, “We all know size matters,” and then cleverly subverting it to emphasize the importance of good coffee over mere size. The visual progression from the original AeroPress to the XL version, accompanied by consumer feedback and the brewing process, effectively communicates the benefits of the XL AP while maintaining a lighthearted tone.

Variant 2 takes a more direct route by showcasing consumer feedback and the brand’s response. By addressing a common desire for a larger AeroPress size, this variant resonates with consumers on a personal level, emphasizing AeroPress’s commitment to listening to its audience and delivering on their requests.

Concept: The Clear Winner

Concept: Black Friday Blockbuster Event

Concept: From Coffee with Love

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