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Relationship Status

Campaign goal was to reach and speak to the right audience and encourage them to sign up.

Strategy & Solution
Understanding that the target audience primarily consists of students and recent graduates who are active on social media platforms, the strategy centered around leveraging the popularity of relationship status memes. By utilizing a widely recognized format to capture the attention of our audience in a playful and familiar manner, we aimed to convey the message that choosing Earnest is akin to entering into a beneficial partnership.


A company that offers student loan refinancing and guidance for investing in higher education.

Agency: Thrive Digital
Art Director & Designer: Daisy Munoz

In a Relationship with Earnest Facebook MockUp

To ensure the concept was recognizable, the visuals were designed to resemble Facebook’s relationship status feature, with only the colors changed to match the Earnest branding.

This specific ad was a top performing asset against some of the business as usual assets the brand has run in the past.

Several ideas were presented that was well received by the clients but did not get chosen for launch

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